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Apps for On-The-Go Learning Fun!

Red Apple Reading Apps in iTunes
Fun and learning without limits!
Take advantage of time spent in the car or waiting at appointments by letting your child practice reading skills with mobile apps in iTunes and Google Play. Read anytime, anywhere!

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   Reading Carnival Fun - iTunes - Red Apple Reading   Reading Carnival Fun - Level A - Ages 3 to 5

Join Ringmaster Ryan and his friends at the carnival for endless play in 18 different activities. Children have fun while learning and practicing phonemic awareness, rhyming, vocabulary, alphabet recognition, letter and sound correspondence, sequencing, memory and attention skills, and more! Perfect for preschoolers and pre-readers.



Park Planet apps in iTunes - Red Apple Reading   Reading on Park Planet 2 - iTunes - Red Apple Reading   Reading on Park Planet - Level B - Ages 5 to 7

Join Professor Bookworm and his students while learning all about short vowel words, blending and segmenting, word families, sight words, long vowel sounds, and more! Over 300 activities and 76 videos, plus 10 storybooks for reading practice. Kids have fun while learning to read! Recommended for emerging readers just beginning to read.

Map 1 (Lessons 1-25):      ITUNES       GOOGLE PLAY             

Map 2 (Lessons 26-50):    ITUNES       GOOGLE PLAY  


Reading Island Adventures - Google Play - Red Apple Reading  Reading Island Adventures 2 - iTunes - Red Apple Reading  Reading Island Adventures 3 - iTunes - Red Apple Reading    Reading Island Adventures - Level C - Ages 6 to 9

Join Pete Pirate and his crew with fun videos and games that teach advanced phonics skills, sight words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension! Over 350 activities and 75 videos in the 3 maps, plus 15 storybooks for reading practice. Kids have fun while improving their reading skills. Recommended for early readers and struggling readers.

Map 1 (Lessons 1-25):        ITUNES       GOOGLE PLAY   

Map 2 (Lessons 26-50):      ITUNES       GOOGLE PLAY   

Map 3 (Lessons 51-75):      ITUNES       GOOGLE PLAY