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About Red Apple Reading

The Red Apple Reading program is not only a labor of love for me and my family, but the unified effort of a team of U.S. education experts to make effective reading instruction available outside of the classroom. The mission of Red Apple Reading is to aid in the development of successful readers by providing a fun and effective alternative to the traditional methods of teaching reading to young children.

I founded this program after teaching for thirteen years in California public schools and realizing that when it came to reading skills, too many children were "slipping through the cracks." I was frustrated and knew I couldn't sit idly by while so many kids were being short-changed. So I began talking to reading and education professionals and began crafting the perfect solution. I wanted something that would be easily accessible, based on top teaching techniques, and fun for the children who used it.

The result: Red Apple Reading! The entire program is designed for children ages 3 - 9 who are reading below a 3rd grade reading level, the essential years for learning how to read. Park Planet focuses primarily on Kindergarten and 1st grade reading skills, ages 4-7. Island Adventures has 1st thru 3rd grade foundational reading skills and is recommended for ages 6-9. Carnival Fun completes the program with pre-reading skills and practice for preschoolers ages 3-5. Based in part on Common Core State Standards and built with adaptive difficulty and error remediation, the online program can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. The program is also available in several apps in iTunes and soon to be in the Android market. 

I've had a lot of help building this program with a team of experienced classroom teachers, reading intervention teachers, a school psychologist, speech pathologist, skilled animators, highly trained web developers, and parents of school-age children. The outcome is a highly effective program based on the work of professionals who have spent decades in U.S. schools.

I still enjoy interacting with customers, parents and teachers by helping with Customer Support and keeping up our social media pages. My heart soars when I read about a child whose reading skills are improving with the help of Red Apple Reading. And reading the feedback from our members drives the continuous updates to the program and website. Thank you so much for stopping by!


Tammy Bennecke, President, Red Apple Reading


Tammy Bennecke
President, Red Apple Reading